Aurora Outreach facilitates Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander university students and graduates to visit high schools to give inspirational talks about unlocking potential and striving to be your best. Outreach shows students how academic and career pathways can open up a world of possibilities.

The Need

When Lilly Brown (above left) was in Year 10, one of her teachers told her she wasn’t smart enough to go to university. Lilly’s story is a common one. At present, only 3 in 100 Indigenous students are eligible for university on their marks – the figure for non-Indigenous students is ten times this.  We know this isn’t because Indigenous young people are less bright than their peers, but because too often social disadvantage and low expectations combine to thwart their potential. Education is the single greatest lever for breaking cycles of disadvantage and inequality, so if we want to change life outcomes for Indigenous communities, we must change this story.

Our Impact

Role models

Our Approach

Outreach exists to increase the visibility of Indigenous academic role models and provide students with ‘touchpoints’ that foster aspirations and give valuable insights into the world of tertiary study and beyond. The program is about shifting the conversation around education and achievement to one of high expectations and a world of possibilities.

We draw on Aurora’s growing network of talented Indigenous scholars to speak at high school events about their academic and career journey. The students get a great insight into uni life, potential career pathways and what lessons the role models learned along the way. The program is unique because:

  • 100% of role models are Indigenous
  • 100% of role models are high academic achievers
  • 100% of role models are leaders who are committed to giving back to their community to support the next generation

Outreach is also an opportunity to share valuable information about the latest educational and cultural events, opportunities and resources – upcoming opportunities such as academic camps, expos and competitions and inspirational videos, as well as useful websites such as the Indigenous Scholarships Portal.