Interview with Brett Madigan, 2021 Honeywell Scholarship Recipient


What inspired you to pursue a Bachelor of Commerce?

I’ve always had a goal of completing a university degree so I can be the second person in my family (after my mum) to get a degree. I chose to study management and computer science because I feel that every successful business in the future will have a tech component to it.

What made you apply for a Honeywell Scholarship?

I applied for the Honeywell Scholarship because I was interning with Honeywell at the time and saw them as a great fit for me.

How did being a Honeywell Scholarship recipient change your experience of study?

Being a scholarship recipient allowed me to focus on my studies. Financial pressure is a reality of studying at university and I received my scholarship just before exams which is the most stressful period. The support allowed me to really focus my energy and getting the best results.

What are your long-term goals once you finish studying?

My long-term goals are to be able to have good work-life balance. A degree will allow me to earn a better wage and do something that I enjoy which will also increase my quality of life outside of work.

How important is it for Indigenous students to have access to Indigenous based scholarships like Honeywell and why?

Indigenous based scholarships ensure companies consider all of the challenges we go through just to make it to university. Many of us are amongst the first in our families to attend university so we come from a situation where we don’t have advice to guide us. And, quite often, we don’t have financial support from our families for various reasons. Indigenous scholarships understand our backgrounds and our situations.

What is a fun fact about yourself?

I spent my childhood in the US which always creates an interesting conversation when people meet an Aboriginal person with an American accent.

What would your advice be to anyone thinking of applying for the Honeywell Scholarship?

Apply even if you are unsure. Honeywell is a huge company with a lot of different opportunities. You may be a good fit without even realising!

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