Internship Success – Narelle Brown at Waminda

Narelle Brown has raised her own clinical standards after her experience as an Aurora intern. The Bachelor of Midwifery student recently completed a Commonwealth funded internship at Waminda – The South Coast Women’s Health & Welfare Aboriginal Corp. “Waminda provide quality health and well-being support for women and their Aboriginal families. A culturally safe service, they were an amazing organisation to intern for”, reflected Narelle.

Despite the additional challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, Narelle enjoyed working with the Waminda midwives and broader clinical team. “As a midwifery student, I witnessed the definition of woman-centred care, being fundamental to our practice…Waminda’s other complimentary services allow for in-house referrals, leading to effective continuity of care throughout pregnancy and early childhood. The value of a community being cared for by community members was obvious, including how strong relationships and local knowledge can improve the level of care.”

Narelle’s internship helped bring a new level of professional understanding to her studies at UTS “I’m viewing health care more from a user’s perspective, with consideration as to how I meet my professional responsibilities alongside women’s wants and needs. The midwives at Waminda have been inspiring role models in this sense and have shaped the path I aim to follow beyond graduation…I am incredibly grateful to everyone at Waminda for their kindness, generosity and time, especially for sharing their knowledge and wisdom.”

The Aurora Internship Program offers full time internships for 4-6 weeks or part-time equivalents at organisations working to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Aurora supports Indigenous and selected non-Indigenous interns to develop practical skills, gain real-world career experience and build professional networks. Applications for internships are open now!

Aurora prioritises supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and graduates to secure funded internships that are relevant to the candidate’s study or career aspirations. Indigenous interns will be provided with a weekly stipend of $800 (pro rata for part-time internships) and up to $2,800 (incl. GST) to cover the cost of travel and accommodation.

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