Budget Promotion Sponsorship Award for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students.

“BudgetPromotion.com.au is a leading Australian supplier of Promotional Merchandise. We invite applications from people of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander backgound for our new annual sponsorship award.

We value the role of education in our community, and believe in supporting those who may need a little financial assistance in attaining further education. We acknowledge that gaining access to further education for many people of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background is especially challenging with financial constraints being a particular barrier. This annual sponsorship will be awarded to someone who can demonstrate that the further education they are gaining will advance their community.

This program is open to anyone of an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background that is currently, or about to, undertake any type of further education.”

Scholarship details

Value: $3,000 approx. total

Duration: 1 Year

Application dates


Open: 01/01/2021
Close: 15/07/2021


This scholarship is for:

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander applicants
Financial equity

Areas of study:

  • Any Area of Study

At Institution:

Any in Australia

Study level:

  • Undergraduate
  • Honours, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma
  • Postgraduate coursework
  • Postdoctoral
  • Postgraduate research
  • VET courses
  • Short executive courses
  • Enabling foundation and preparatory courses

Study Load:

  • Full Time
  • Part Time


  • ACT
  • NSW
  • NT
  • SA
  • QLD
  • TAS
  • VIC
  • WA

Eligibility Criteria

“To be considered for this sponsorship students need to submit an application that:

Email us and describe in the body of the email;

Educational establishment attending or going to attend;

Dates of your Study;

A brief outline of the special circumstances you feel that makes you a candidate for the sponsorship;

Attach a short essay (as an word doc): 500+ words that state how your education is going to positively impact others in either your local community or in the wider world;

Once the application deadline has passed, the essays will be reviewed and judged based on the following criteria;

Your actual need for financial assistance;

The impact your qualification is going to make upon others in your community;

You displaying an eagerness to assist others and effect positive change.

How to Apply

Please attach your short essay in a word document in order to submit a successful aplication.