Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarships

Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarships help facilitate choice and participation in Higher Education by Indigenous students from low socio-economic backgrounds and from rural and regional areas.

Scholarship details

Value: $6,000 approx. total

Application dates


Open: 02/02/2021
Close: 03/03/2021


This scholarship is for:

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander applicants
Financial equity
Remote/rural students

Areas of study:

  • Any Area of Study

At Institution:

  • Charles Darwin University

Study level:

  • Undergraduate
  • Honours, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma
  • Postgraduate coursework
  • Postgraduate research

Study Load:

  • Full Time


  • ACT
  • NSW
  • NT
  • SA
  • QLD
  • TAS
  • VIC
  • WA

Eligibility Criteria

Ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria of this scholarship before applying:
Must provide proof of Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent. Acceptable documents may be a Confirmation of Indigeneity letter stamped with a community seal and/or signed by a delegate of an incorporated Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander community organisation that you identify with (If you currently do not have proof of heritage or are unsure of how to obtain this document please contact Indigenous Student Services), or A Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN) if in receipt of ABSTUDY;
Must be enrolled in the Tertiary Enabling Program or Preparation for Tertiary Success program, or an undergraduate course, or a post-graduate course (excluding research degrees)
Must be enrolled in at least 2 units (20 credit points) per semester
Must demonstrate financial hardship either by receiving a Centrelink (or other Commonwealth) means-tested income support payment (such as Austudy, ABSTUDY, Youth Allowance etc), or provide evidence that you have a personal taxable income below the HECS-HELP repayment threshold for 2020/2021 (currently $46,620 per year)
Must demonstrate the need to move for study and be enrolled internally to be eligible for the Accommodation Scholarship (see below for detailed eligibility);
Must not be in receipt of a current Indigenous Commonwealth Scholarship;
Must demonstrate an appropriate academic record of a pass in more than 50% of the credit points attempted during the previous academic progression period (for continuing or previously enrolled students);
Priority will be given to students who are from regional/remote areas of Australia;
You may not be eligible for a scholarship if you are in receipt of a Centrelink Start-Up loan/Scholarship and/or a Relocation Scholarship and/or ABSTUDY Residential Costs Option

How to Apply

You can upload relevant documents to support your application (each file must not exceed 2MB).

If you have non-CDU qualifications (from high school or other universities), you are encouraged to submit proof of academic performance to support your application. You do not need to provide us CDU academic transcripts.

After pressing submit on the application form, you will immediately receive an automatic reply acknowledging receipt of your application.

Further Information

In addition to the basic eligibility requirements above, applicants for an Accommodation Scholarship must satisfy each of the following criteria:
Be enrolled in an enabling, undergraduate or postgraduate course (excludes research);
Have incurred, or will incur, additional accommodation costs as a result of having to move;
Will be enrolled in at least 2 units (20 credit points) as an internal student at Charles Darwin University;
Within the four years immediately preceding the commencement of higher education study, you:
Have lived in rural or regional Australia for at least three of the last four years; or;
Completed the final two years of schooling in a high school or college in a rural/regional area; or
Moved away from a rural/regional area to complete the final two years of schooling or a high school or college in a major city; or
It was, or will be necessary for you to move from the rural/regional area to undertake your higher education study at CDU.