Lorna Earl and William Woodberry (LEWW) Scholarship

The Lorna Earl and William Woodberry (LEWW) Scholarship Program was established to encourage Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander students to further their education and to contribute to the development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s education.

The LEWW Scholarships provide the opportunity for Indigenous students experiencing financial difficulties to study at universities in New South Wales.  

Six Scholarships valued at $15,000 per annum, were awarded in 2021.  The LEWW Scholarship Fund is a sub-fund of the Good2Give Community Fund. 

Scholarship details

Value: $30,000 approx. total

Duration: 2 Years

Application dates


Open: 08/11/2021
Close: 31/01/2022


This scholarship is for:

Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander applicants
Financial equity

Areas of study:

  • Any Area of Study

At Institution:

  • NSW Universities

Study level:

  • Undergraduate

Study Load:

  • Full Time


  • NSW

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must: 

  • be of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent; 
  • identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person; 
  • be accepted as such by the community in which they live or have lived; 
  • provide written confirmation of their Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander heritage; 
  • be 16 years or older at the time they commence their studies;
  • have written confirmation of enrolment in an undergraduate degree at a NSW University; 
  • have successfully completed the first year of full time equivalent undergraduate study and be commencing the second year of full time equivalent undergraduate study at a NSW university;
  • be able to demonstrate financial hardship or need in order to be eligible for this scholarship.

How to Apply

You will need to attach the following documentation: 

  1. A personal statement outlining your current circumstances, career aspirations and how this scholarship will support your studies and help you achieve these goals (500 word limit). This statement should give a sufficient explanation of the applicants background and current circumstances to enable the Scholarship provider to judge their eligibility, need and merit; 
  2. Written enrolment confirmation from the relevant tertiary institution; 
  3. Current Curriculum Vitae (CV); 
  4. A high resolution corporate headshot in jpeg format (see guidelines in Resources); 
  5. An official transcript of your university results from the first year of your undergraduate program; 
  6. A detailed budget for your academic commitments including all sources of income (for eg. Abstudy, funding from other scholarships, income from your employment etc) and list all your expenses, including estimates or expected expenses – please use the template provided in resources; 
  7. Confirmation of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent through a signed statement from the Aboriginal Heritage Association, Aboriginal Corporation or Land Council of the country of your ancestors; 
  8. Two references: a personal/professional/academic reference should highlight your capabilities and the perceived future benefit of doing your chosen course; another from an Elder or a member in your community and should highlight your connection to the community. 

For enquiries on the scholarship please contact the Aurora Scholarships team on scholarships@aurorafoundation.com.au.

Further Information

Successful applicants studying full-time will receive a maximum of $15,000 per annum, paid in semester instalments each year, or trimesters (if the Institution works under a trimester program). To fulfill the conditions of the scholarship and continue to be eligible, students are required to provide at the end of each academic period the following:  

  • Report – a 300 word report explaining how the scholarship has assisted with your studies and longer term goals; 
  • Budget – a record of how the scholarship funds were expended; 
  • Proof of continuing enrolment; 
  • Results –  A certified copy of academic record (from previous academic round).

Applications will be accepted until Monday 31 January 2022.