New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program

The New Colombo Plan (NCP) is a signature foreign policy initiative of the Australian Government that aims to lift knowledge of the Indo-Pacific in Australia by supporting Australian undergraduates to live, learn, and intern in 40 locations across the region.

The NCP Scholarship Program provides scholarships of up to 19 months for Australian undergraduates to undertake semester-based study, internships or mentorships, and language training in the Indo-Pacific.

Scholarship details

Value: $30,000 approx. total

Duration: Duration of the program

Availability: 120 scholarships offered

Application dates


Open: 23/06/2021
Close: 24/08/2021


This scholarship is for:

Academic merit

Areas of study:

  • Any Area of Study

At Institution:

  • Other

Study level:

  • Undergraduate
  • Honours, Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma

Study Load:

  • Full Time


  • Overseas

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, applicants for a New Colombo Plan Scholarship must: 

  • be nominated by their Home University;
  • be an Australian citizen;
  • not be a current citizen or permanent resident of their proposed host location;
  • be enrolled in and undertaking, until completion of all study components of the NCP Scholarship Program, at least one Bachelor Degree or Bachelor Honours Degree at an Australian campus of an Australian university; 
  • be between 18 and 35 years of age (inclusive) for Indigenous applicants, on 1 January 2022;
  • have achieved a minimum 70 per cent graded average or equivalent for their undergraduate course at the time of application, as determined by the nominating Home University;
  • not be a previous recipient of a New Colombo Plan Scholarship.

Scholars must continue to meet these eligibility requirements during the term of their scholarship. 

Unless otherwise approved by DFAT, scholars may not commence another offshore scholarship or mobility grant while undertaking their New Colombo Plan Scholarship Program.

How to Apply

To apply for the scholarship, students must first be nominated by their home university during the nomination period. Nominees will then be invited to submit an online application during the application period. Students interested in applying for a New Colombo Plan scholarship should contact their university’s study abroad / international office at the first instance.

Further information including required supporting documents and referee reports can be found in the NCP Scholarship Program Guidelines.

Further Information

Applicants will be assessed on the following assessment criteria, in their written applications and at interview: 

  1. Academic excellence at the tertiary level (25 per cent weighting) Assessment of this criterion will relate to the applicant’s demonstrated higher-order cognitive skills, creativity, innovation, communication skills, problem-solving skills and critical thinking skills in their university study. Applicants may also draw on academic achievements such as academic awards and commendations, publications, or other examples of academic excellence at the tertiary level. High school academic achievements will not be considered. (Maximum 300 words.);
  2. Leadership and engagement in the community (25 per cent weighting) Assessment of this criterion will relate to the applicant’s demonstrated leadership in the community, including volunteer and not-for-profit roles and/or activities they have undertaken in their local community, nationally, overseas and/or in their university (maximum 300 words);
  3. Adaptability and resilience (25 per cent weighting) Assessment of this criterion will relate to the applicant’s ability to adapt to change, thrive in a different environment, and demonstrate resilience in the face of challenges (maximum 300 words);
  4. Ability to contribute to New Colombo Plan’s strategic objectives and outcomes (25 per cent weighting) Assessment of this criterion will relate to the applicant’s demonstrated understanding of the strategic objective and outcomes of the New Colombo Plan program, and how the applicant and their proposed scholarship program would contribute to the New Colombo Plan strategic objective and outcomes, including on return to Australia (maximum 300 words).