In my organisation I play a key leadership role and am responsible to lead, teach and bring the next generation of Indigenous leaders across our work and organisation. Which is why this course in particular was something I really wanted to participate in. There has been a career path set for me to transition into the CEO role however I wasn’t 100% sure I wanted to or had the confidence in myself to. My time spent with leaders of the world and their recognition of my contribution and the complexities of my work gave me the space, time, energy and confidence to scope clear my purpose as a Leader.
Fiona Jose
Chief Executive Officer, Cape York Partnerships Harvard Business School – Authentic Leadership Development 2015
This program has assisted me in acknowledging the many struggles that I faced throughout my career in leadership and positions of authority; it has provided knowledge, a set of tools and skills to explore the full potential to develop my own leadership style. I believe that I am now uniquely positioned in my career to contribute to empowering our future generations of Indigenous women and building capacity within our communities and within all sectors of Australia.
Lesley Nelson
Chief Executive Officer, South West Aboriginal Medical Service Harvard Kennedy School – Creating Collaborative Solutions: Innovations in Governance, 2018 2020 Executive Bursary Recipien

Executive Bursaries

The bursary program supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander managers, entrepreneurs and leaders to attend executive education programs at some of the world’s best institutions, including Harvard Business School, Harvard Kennedy School and INSEAD.

Beyond offering postgraduate opportunities, The Roberta Sykes Foundation extended their scholarship offering to include educational opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders. The Bursary program provides Indigenous managers and professionals who do not have the time or the formal qualifications to undertake ongoing study the opportunity to gain new perspectives and ideas, develop skills and new qualifications.

For more information on how to apply for a short executive bursary please contact