The Aurora Education Foundation (Aurora) is committed to promoting and protecting the safety and interests of all children and young people. Aurora is committed to being a child safe organisation and has developed Child Safe Principles, in line with the National Principles of Child Safe Organisations. These Principles demonstrate our commitment to child safe practices and continuous improvement:

  • We create an environment where all children and young people are valued and feel safe;
  • We take a trauma-informed approach to the delivery of our programs;
  • We have knowledge of, and respect for, the cultural needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and young people;
  • We support accountability mechanisms to ensure awareness of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander values, principles and norms, and apply this to the safety and interests of children and young people;
  • We give children and young people information about personal safety, their rights and where they can go for help;
  • We ensure children, young people and their families know their rights and how to access the complaints procedures available to them;
  • We consider the needs, diversity and opinions of children in the development of child safety policies and procedures; and
  • We ensure all staff, affiliates and volunteers who work with children or young people have a National Police Certificate and Working with Children/Vulnerable People Check in each state and/or territory in which they perform the activities involving children and young persons (including online or in person).