Meet Aurora Intern Andres Felipe Becerra Olaya

Meet Aurora Intern Andres Felipe Becerra Olaya

Andres Felipe Becerra Olaya has broadened his horizons during his recent internship at the Central Land Council (CLC) in the Northern Territory and developed a clearer idea of his future career. Andres’ internships gave him real-life experience and valuable professional connections to complement his Master of Research in Anthropology.

It was a great experience. I had the opportunity to assist senior and regional anthropologists in collecting data from different sources and writing reports regarding future native title claims. The internship boosted my professional skills by dealing with everyday tasks and learning from the other staff how to approach and solve issues in different scenarios.”

Andres also found that his experience with the CLC helped shape his future career plans and deepened his understanding of Aboriginal culture. “Working at the CLC allowed me to meet awesome people and better understand what I want to do next. It also gave me the chance to travel to Alice Springs and have a taste of another perspective of Australia. Additionally, during a field trip, I had the chance to spend a whole week on Country, which allowed me to witness how anthropologists collect information and how Aboriginal people relate to Country.”

Andres has clear advice for anyone considering an Aurora internship, You shouldn’t overthink it. You’re about to meet like-minded people with heaps of experience who also started their careers as interns. As such, people are always willing to give you advice and share useful tips for your professional development.  Just be open for learning and sharing time outside the office with your colleagues who want to know about you and make you feel part of the team.”

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