Meet Aurora Intern Robert Hartigan

Meet Aurora Intern Robert Hartigan

Robert Hartigan has made valuable professional connections in the music industry during his recent internships at Studio Gilay. Robert, a Gamilaraay and Guyinbaraay man, is currently studying a Bachelor of Music at the Australian Institute of Music and completed his internship at the Indigenous-owned media company in the summer 2022/23 round of the program.

The internship helped Robert to cement his career aspirations for after he completed his studies. “I found the internship to be an enlightening and educational experience in which I have been exposed to the career path I wish to follow after university.”

The opportunity empowered Robert to put the learnings from his degree into action and help build up a profile of his work for future opportunities.  

“I have been able to create music and sound design for real works that have the chance to be displayed in the future. This internship experience will allow me to find more work in the future as I now have a foothold in the industry.”

The Aurora Internship Program offers full time internships for 4-6 weeks or part-time equivalents at organisations working to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Aurora supports Indigenous and selected non-Indigenous interns to develop practical skills, gain real-world career experience and build professional networks.

Aurora prioritises supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and graduates to secure funded internships that are relevant to the candidate’s study or career aspirations. Indigenous interns will be provided with a weekly stipend of $900 (pro rata for part-time internships) and up to $3,800 (incl. GST) to cover the cost of travel and accommodation.

Applications for the Aurora Internship Program are now open for Indigenous and non-Indigenous candidates! Click here to apply.

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