Our Work

Aurora’s programs engage and support Indigenous students to build the academic skills needed to reach their career goals, whether this is by graduating from high school with the foundational skills necessary to run their own small business, or by attending TAFE or university, or even completing a doctorate at Harvard University. At Aurora, we believe that engaging Indigenous students in education is the way to create deep, lasting change.

The Need

We are changing the conversation about what Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can achieve.

  • Only 37% of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students complete year 12, compared with 75% of the general population
  • For every 100 Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Year 8 students, only 3 will be eligible for university on the basis of their marks
  • Less than half of Indigenous university students complete their degrees - financial constraints are the number one reason given by Indigenous students for considering leaving university
  • 1% of postgraduates at Australian universities are Indigenous, less than a quarter of what we would expect given the population

Our Impact

students reached each year
of TAI students are completing year 12, 50% transition directly to university
2.8% of Australian Master’s and Doctoral students at Cambridge, Harvard and Oxford are Indigenous in 2016-17 (1% of postgraduates at Australian Universities were Indigenous in 2015)

Our Approach

We deliver a suite of interconnected programs that walk with Indigenous students through each stage of their educational development and build their resilience, identity, aspirations and sense of community.