Meet Nic, a science graduate at the University of Melbourne

Meet Nic, a science graduate at the University of Melbourne

Nicolas Jackson is a member of the Yorta Yorta people, and a graduate science student at the University of Melbourne. According to Nic, the first thing you need to study science is passion. “You need passion, and then some really good study habits.”

Nic decided to study physics after being introduced to it in Year 10. He then went on to study the Bachelor of Science with a major in pure mathematics, before beginning his Masters earlier this year. Nic is doing a Master of Science (Physics) with a focus on particle physics.


There’s something so primitive about making things go extremely fast and smashing them into each other to see what happens. Yet particle physics is such a high level of study with a lot of interesting math and many unanswered questions

When studying the Bachelor of Science, Nic did as much mathematics and physics as he could. “One of my favourite moments of studying science was learning electrodynamics and multivariable calculus,” he says. “They were kind of a struggle to start with, but by the end of the semester, everything just fell into place. You probably don’t get that answer too often”, he jokes.

For Nic, “The best way to inspire the younger generation to consider science is for me to achieve what I can in higher education and to continue to wear the Indigenous badge with pride. So other young Indigenous kids can say, ‘He’s done it, maybe I can too.’”

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