FAQS for interns


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants are highly encouraged to apply. All applications will be reviewed and considered for placement. To be eligible to undertake a funded internship, the candidate must: 
  • Be Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander 
  • Provide a statutory declaration or confirmation stamped with the common seal of an Indigenous corporation, in relation to: 
    • Proof of Aboriginality and/or Torres Strait Islander 
  • At the time of application, the candidate is not in receipt of funding through the Indigenous Cadetship Support initiative. (note: Indigenous applicants currently receiving ICS funding can apply for a non-funded internship) 
  • Be enrolled for study at a university or vocational institute or have graduated from a degree at an Australian university 
  • Have capacity to complete a four to six week part-time or full-time internship 
  • Have allowed six months to have passed before undertaking a second Commonwealth funded internship 

Non-Indigenous applicants

To be eligible to undertake an internship, the candidate must:

  • Be enrolled for study at a university or vocational institute or have graduated from a degree at an Australian university
  • Undertake an internship with an Indigenous sector organisation
  • Self-fund living expenses, accommodation and travel costs
  • Demonstrate an appropriate level of cultural competency

Application process

When can I apply?

3 weeks in March and August each year. Opening and closing round dates will be announced on the website. 

How do I apply?

Step 1 

Prepare the required information in the following order as a PDF document: 

i) A cover letter (addressed to the Internships Manager) highlighting the following:

  • Motivation for applying (max. 200 words) 
  • A solid academic record (max. 200 words) 
  • Demonstrated experience in and/or knowledge of Indigenous/multicultural affairs, social justice and other legal work and/or fieldwork (max. 200 words) 
  • Demonstrated reliability, initiative and integrity (max. 200 words) 
  • Demonstrated strong interpersonal and communication skills (max. 200 words) 
  • A strong sense of cultural awareness and sensitivity (max. 200 words) 

ii) A curriculum vitae

iii) A head shot 

iv) An up-to-date academic transcript/s (official or unofficial) listing all university results 

v) Two written references, ideally one academic and one professional. Phone references will not be accepted. You will be asked to attach the SINGLE PDF document to the end of your online application form.

Step 2 

i) Complete the online application form

ii) At the end of the online form, attach a SINGLE PDF document which will need to include all of your application materials 

Selection process

How does the selection process work?

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander applicants 

  • Online applications are reviewed by the Internships team 
  • Online interviews take place in April and September 
  • Applicants are required to specify their preferred host organisations 
  • If none of our current hosts align with your academic background and/or career aspirations, we encourage you to identify a suitable Host. Please contact the Internships team for further information 
  • Applicants are required to complete an Eligibility form to determine whether they are eligible to receive Commonwealth funding 
  • ALL applicants are eligible to be proposed for an internship 

Non-Indigenous applicants 

  • As we only have a limited number of opportunities available for non-Indigenous participants, this is a competitive selection process 
  • We will only accept 100 applications per round 
  • On-line applications are reviewed by the Internships team 
  • Applicants are short-listed for interview - at that time they will be required to specify preferred Host organisations   
  • On-line interviews take place in April and September 
  • Following interviews, successful applicants are short-listed as eligible to be proposed for an internship 

Please note: We rely on the demand from the host organisations so the number of available internships varies for each round. For this reason, it may not be possible to place all applicants that have made it through to this stage of the selection process. 


Where can I go?

Over 200 Aurora host organisations are based in major cities, as well as  regional and remote locations across Australia. 

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander interns can undertake an internship at a host organisation outside of the Indigenous sector so long as the internship is relevant to candidate’s study and career aspirations.  

When and how long is an internship?

Internships run for a minimum of four weeks to a maximum of six weeks full-time or part-time equivalent. Candidates usually complete internships over university or vocational breaks. There is flexibility for internships to be completed outside of this timeframe with support. 

Winter placements run from June through August, with flexibility through to October. Summer placements run from November through to the third week of December; and January through March, with flexibility through May. 

How may Covid and lockdown restrictions impact my internship?

Covid and lockdown restrictions have the capacity to impact an organisation’s capacity to host interns onsite. Therefore, candidates may be required to complete all or part of their internship under working from home conditions. Aurora highly encourages candidates to consider undertaking an internship in their primary state of residence to avoid any potential travel restrictions that may prohibit their return home.     

Aurora is committed to reducing the risk of Covid transmissions therefore interns are required to complete a risk assessment prior to starting the internship. Interns need to identify potential risks and mitigation strategies. 

Interns who agree to undertake all or part of their internship from home at the request of the host organisation are provided with a working from home pack for interns.

What are the benefits of undertaking an internship?

  • Practical hands on experience
  • An opportunity to trial the career or sector you would like to work in
  • An opportunity to consider a career change
  • Create or expand professional networks
  • Develop valuable skills and expand knowledge base
  • Potential for transition into a job
  • Become part of the Aurora alumni network

What sort of work can I expect to undertake?

The role or tasks an intern undertakes is negotiated in partnership with the host organisation. It is important the intern and host organisation set clear parameters and have a agreed shared understanding of the desired outcomes of the internship. Tasks and duties may include: 

  • Assisting and contributing to the team 
  • Job shadowing someone as they perform their daily duties 
  • Developing research briefs 
  • Conducting desktop or field research 
  • Supporting stakeholder or client engagement  
  • Assisting with program or event delivery 
  • Leading small to medium sized projects 
  • Data entry or digitising records 
  • Development of policy and procedures  
  • Providing administrative support 

What is expected of interns?

Every internship is unique. Interns who approach their host organisation and internship with a deep interest and a keenness to listen and learn are best placed to gain the most from the experience.  

What will it cost?

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander interns 

  • Scholarships offer up to $800 per week which cover living expenses and up to $2,800 (incl GST) for travel and accommodation costs for away-from-home internships 

Non-Indigenous interns 

  • Internships are predominantly self-funded 
  • If your preference is to be placed away from home, you will generally be expected to organise your own accommodation and transport 

Course accreditation

Can I count my legal internship towards my PLT?

Some hosts will be able to accommodate this request. Please include this preference on your online application form.   

Can I get course credit?

Some universities and vocational institutes will offer course credit for undertaking an Aurora internship. You should consult with your relevant course coordinator for further information. Some host organisations will be able to accommodate this request.  

FAQs for hosts



We partner with a broad range of host organisations across the Indigenous sector. We are also open to working with host organisations who work outside the sector who are keen to host Indigenous interns.

Interested in becoming an Aurora host organisation? Please contact us for more details at Internships@aurorafoundation.com.au.



Non-Indigenous sectoorganisations are required to pay an administration fee. The fee structure will be provided to organisation on enquiry


What to expect when hosting an Aurora intern

  • Access to Aurora’s network of enthusiastic and motivated interns and alumni who are potential pools for future recruitment
  • Capacity and capability support from both Indigenous and non-Indigenous interns
  • High calibre interns who have progressed through Aurora’s stringent selection process
  • Interns prepared to assist and support wherever needed
  • Interns to undertake a 4 to 6 week, full time commitment (unless other arrangements have been made)
  • Can be located anywhere in Australia
  • Interns to report weekly to the Aurora Internships team on their experience
  • Ongoing involvement and support from the Internships team in the management of each internship
  • Some Hosts require their interns to undertake a part or full-time internship from home due to COVID restrictions

Commitment and obligations

What does Aurora expect from host organisations?

Host organisations are expected to provide a safe and supportive environment that will support interns to achieve their learning goals and contribute to team outcomes. Additional expectations include: 

  • Provide a culturally safe workplace for Indigenous interns by meeting Aurora’s cultural competency guidelines 
  • Provide interns with tasks related to their academic background and/or aspirations 
  • Develop a work plan and complete a Host Internship Plan for each confirmed intern 
  • Provide adequate supervision and support for interns including regular constructive feedback 
  • Complete a brief online feedback questionnaire at the completion of each internship  
  • Complete the Terms and Conditions for Aurora host organisations and refer to the Host Internship Plan