All the people involved with the High School Program have made a major impact on my granddaughter’s life, with the teachings of culture and inspiration to aim high
Grandparent of High School Program Participant
I learnt stories that helped me further understand the origins and reasons for my culture. I can now explain these stories to others.
WA HSP student
It gave me a sense of belonging and it was very calming for me
WA HSP student

Our curriculum

The Program elevates Aboriginal knowledge and perspectives in the design and implementation of our student-centred approach.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ways of knowing, being, and doing are the cornerstone of how Indigenous students and their families engage in learning, and this is reflected in the Program’s structure and the design of the curriculum. A key objective of the Program is to change the narrative about Indigenous education to one of high expectations and possibilities. It is premised on the understanding that students who have a strong sense of self and cultural identity possess the capacity to take ownership and drive their own learning.

Our immersion activities

The Academic Cultural Enrichment Activities occur throughout each year and include the delivery of family engagement days and camps. The activities occur over the weekend or during the school holidays.