The final and possibly most valuable lesson learnt from the Study Tour was the confidence that Indigenous students do belong in institutions like those we visited, they are capable of being accepted on a merit basis and furthermore they are capable of succeeding while there. Being able to meet with Indigenous Scholars currently studying overseas at such prestigious institutions cemented in my mind the reality of postgraduate study overseas. Knowing that students have walked this path before me and succeeded so tremendously makes the experience seem far less daunting.
Audrey McInnerney
MPhil in Biological Science (Plant Sciences) Darwin College, Cambridge 2020 Charlie Perkins Scholar 2020 Chevening Scholar 2018 Aurora Study Tou
Getting a tertiary education was something I didn’t think was achievable, particularly because I wasn’t encouraged to pursue the university pathway at school. The Study Tour and the Aurora Education Foundation network played a huge role in my confidence to get to where I am now. I needed to see other success stories for me to believe in my own future.
Chloe D’Souza
Master of Laws Harvard University, 2021 Roberta Sykes Scholar, 2018 Aurora Study Tour
The biggest, simplest impact [of the Study Tour] was when two Harvard faculty members, independent of one another, described my work as 'compelling' and engaged) enthusiastically with my current and proposed research and practice. It was a small gesture, but one that helped me shake impostor syndrome. It was also one that affirmed that I didn't just want to go to Harvard, but that Harvard might have interest in and a place for me and my work.
Alison Whittaker
Master of Laws Harvard, 2017 Roberta Sykes Scholar, 2016 Aurora Study Tour

Study Tour

Aurora’s Study Tour is run as two separate multi-week academic visits. The US Study Tour held in Mar/Apr and includes visits to Columbia, Harvard, and New York University. The UK Study Tour is held in Oct/Nov and includes visits to Cambridge, London School of Economics and Oxford. Successful applicants for the Study Tour need to have attained a Distinction average, or hold, or are heading for, First Class Honours or upper Second Class Honours. Scholars holding a Master’s degree are also welcome to apply. 

Study Tour participants become part of a strong network of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peers. Many participants have returned from the Study Tour resolved to pursue study overseas, either immediately or in the future. Others have decided to pursue study or employment in Australia. In either case, the Study Tour has helped participants to make better informed decisions about their pathways. 


Within 10 years, the Aurora Study Tour has:

170 Opportunities

Provided opportunities for over 170 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to gain insights into the experience of undertaking postgraduate study at premier overseas institutions.

63 Participants

Seen over 62 participants go on to apply to study at the universities visited, with 94% being accepted.

Study Tour Reflections